Marina Dredge Project


Bills Bay Marina will now have one of the deepest harbors around the Red Wing area! We began our dredge project on Monday April 29th and completed the removal of 16,600 CY of material just yesterday, May 10th 2013. To begin the project we had to pull each pole up and out of the marina with a crane. (See photo below) We give a special thanks to Kevin Traster for operating the crane provided by the Red Wing Port Authority.


After all the poles were removed from the marina we slowly pushed the marina towards the NSP plant approximately 190 feet and temporarily anchored it so that it was out of the way for the contractors. Portable Barge Services could now come in and dredge the whole area where the docks originally sat. (See photo below)

its moved

Monday April 29th, 2013 Portable Barge Services came down to the marina and marked out the coordinate for the dredge and were ready to begin digging the following Tuesday. PBS (Portable Barge Services) had some very heavy operating equipment for this project which included a huge backhoe, three barges, and a small work boat. The backhoe sat on one of the three barges and dug down into the water to scoop out the material.


The material was then placed into one of the empty barges and once it was full they would travel upriver to the Red Wing bulkheads and transfer the material to a Caterpillar off-road dump truck which would bring the material down the road load after load to the Red Wing disposal site and dump the material into a large bowl that was built by Fitzgerald Excavating Trucking out of Goodhue, MN.


The removal of the material and dumping into the disposal site continued for 9 days. Rain or snow our people and everyone involved in this project worked long tiring days. It was all for a good reason though.

snow dredgeroad

While dumping material into the bowl that was built for the material, we found old barrels that were underneath the marina years ago, lawn chairs, bicycles, signs etc. Could you imagine all the keys and cell phones that were lost in the water during boating season? It was very cool to see some of those things. The material that all of this sat in was sloshy, wet, and almost like quick sand so there was no way to pull items out of that mess. The disposal bowl filled up very fast! (See photos below of before & after)

disposalbowl is full

Once all the material was dredged out of the marina and transferred upriver to the disposal site, we were able to move our marina back to its original place. We pushed the marina back to its exact place and started setting poles back into each finger. The dredge project was now considered complete! Still plenty of work for us to do on the docks such as getting all the services hooked back up and on, cleaning, and than we can get boats into their designated slips! Its going to be an awesome year of boating that is for sure!

final dredge day edited

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